Thursday, 29 January 2015

Collaborative Classroom

Sesi P&P di Collaborative Classroom


Collaborative learning is an educational method where two or more students work together to learn something. It's based on the general premise that groups of students can learn more from each other through sharing and social interaction than they would if they learned on their own.


The collaborative learning concept is based on the idea that diversity of knowledge and experience positively impacts learning outcomes. The collaborative learning method is based in part on Jean Piaget's theory that children learn when they're '?cognitively ready' (Woolfolk, p. 49), and on Lev Vygotsky's Zone Proximal Development theory. This 'zone' describes a student's readiness to advance to higher levels of understanding while also needing additional help to get there. Collaborative learning combines these two concepts by grouping students together, where they can support and learn from each other.


Collaborative learning has been shown to increase the level of learning for all members of the group. Students build critical thinking skills as they're encouraged to challenge each others' thinking, mediate and come to a group conclusion. When they're grouped with students of diverse backgrounds, they learn how to focus on common goals.


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